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Red copper nails

Red copper nails

‘HJZ’ copper nails are made of solid copper and are available as slate nails and as boat nails.

Copper roofing nails have a large flat head with a diameter of around 3 times the nail's shaft diameter. The nails have a ridged shaft, as a result of which their resistance to extraction is around 10% greater than with smooth nails.

The roofing nails are used for installing many types of roofing materials, plasterboard, insulation panels, façade claddings, slates, shingles, etc.

The boat nails have a square shaft and a pyramid head.

You will find a complete overview of the standard dimensions in our product brochure.


  • manufactured from solid redcopper
  • standard diameters: 2,40 / 2,80 / 3,00 / 3,40 / 3,80 mm
  • standard lengths: from 20 mm until 90 mm
  • head types: flat head (FH) / pyramid head
  • packaging: boxes of 1 kg

(other dimensions / packaging on request)